Kyle Thomas

Kyle Thomas

Name: Kyle Thomas

Nickname: PRKT

Date of Birth: September 7th 1986

Current Residence: Issaquah Washington

Hometown: Bismarck North Dakota

Sponsors: Diamondback, Spy, 5.10, Gravity

Year’s Riding: 12

Favorite Trail or Place to Ride: Doesn’t matter, I just love being on my bike.

Best Ride Ever: I’ve had so many good ones it’s too hard to pick.

Favorite Trick: It’s a toss-up between a good scrub and a big moto whip.

Injuries: I’ve broken both wrists and both hands multiple times and a few concussions.

Career Highlight: 2010 NW cup and 2010 All Gravity Series overall champion,

Hobbies: I love digging/building trails, working on cars, traveling, snowboarding, hanging out with my family, but I really would rather just ride my bike.

Role Model: I don’t really have one. A lot of people influence who I am, not one single person.

Favorite Band: I like almost all types of music and go through phases. My iPod will have Dr. Dre playing and the next song will be the soundtrack to the Little Mermaid followed by Black Sabbath and Garth Brooks. It’s all over the map.

Best “Get Pumped for Riding” Song: Run to the Hills, Iron Maiden

Favorite Movie: Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy

Favorite Drink: Chocolate Milk, it’s such a good recovery drink. At the bar, my favorite drink is a Smith and Wesson (AKA Colorado Bulldog)

Favorite Food: Taco John’s. It’s a Midwest taco chain that is amazing. I could live off of their meat and potato burritos!

Favorite Industry Individual: I love the promoters. Anyone who is willing to put on a race or an event is awesome. It’s really hard work and they don’t get the recognition they deserve.

Most Valued Component on Your Bike: I got some custom engraved bar-end caps as a wedding present. I thought those were pretty cool.

Favorite Event: The Moscow Arms Race. It’s the final race of the All Gravity Series on a course I built with some friends. I love the course and the attitude of the riders is great. It’s the last race of the year (usually the weekend before Halloween) and it’s just a relaxed, fun way to end the season and usually includes a big party too.

Words of Wisdom: Give back to the sport. Go build trails, teach kids, help out beginning riders, set a good example, and promote the sport.

Last Thoughts: Don’t forget why you ride. Keep it fun and you’ll do it for years!