Jade Wilcoxson Looks Ahead to 2014 Road Racing Season

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Friday, February 21, 2014 5:17:00 AM Categories: Kelly Benefit Strategies Optum Pro Cycling Team

Current U.S. National Road Champion Jade Wilcoxson sat down with us to talk about team camp, her plans for "crushing it" this season, and her healthy eating that would make Optum proud. After her recent 400 mile trip on a Haanjo to training camp, she also spoke about about her experiences with Diamondback as a both a tourist and as a racer. 

On her “off-season”

Well, I didn't do much in my off-season, so I decided to do a bike tour to get in shape. I went to Diamondback, who make sweet touring/gravel bikes, and asked if they would support me in a tour down the coast of California to this camp. They said yes, so my brother and I took Diamondback Haanjos, started in Santa Cruz, and rode for seven days. We camped the whole way. It was really fun!

On base miles

We were doing about 70 miles a day on that trip - it was a 32 hour week! But that was the other thing I needed in my off-season: base miles. So I had a week to get those. Plus, it was really great to hang out with my brother and decompress.

On the Haanjo and getting back to racing

I love that bike! I sent an email to one of our mechanics that said, "Don’t tell anyone, but I don’t want to get back on my race bike! Maybe I can just be a pro tourist…" But that was early in the tour and the bike with all our gear weighed 40 pounds. By day six, I was definitely felt like I wanted to get back to racing. I need a super light, super fast bike and I need to be competitive! 

CREDIT: Dirt Design Graphic/Brad Galvin 

On the new Podium Equipe

I love it, actually. It’s really responsive and it descends really well. I feel really comfortable on it already, which is really good for me. I couldn’t be happier.

On cooking at camp

We cook together every night. We split into teams of three and everyone tries to get Lauren Hall on their team because she’s a trained chef.

On her overall diet

We eat a lot of greens and healthy proteins. We go through a ton of eggs, chicken, red meat, salmon. There are a couple people on the team who are gluten-free, so there’s always rice and quinoa in the fridge, too.

On her season goals

I’m never very big on goals. My general goal is to feel like I’m reaching my potential in the season, and feeling like a team contributor. I just want to feel like I’m making progress this year, whether I’m working for someone else or they’re working for me. I don’t function that well under serious stress or pressure, so I’m not the type of person who can set big goals. I’d rather make it more vague and flexible.  

On which races matter

The world team time trial is a big goal for us. It’ll be good to go to Spain at the end of the year and see what we can do. But for me, being competitive is being competitive. It doesn’t really matter the race; there is always the same degree of competitiveness for me. It’s intense, and it matters. Whether it’s a local race or a world championship, I want to crush it.

Action photos credit: Sam Wiebe