Training Camp Photos: Diamondback and Optum Pro Cycling in California

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Saturday, February 22, 2014 6:25:00 PM Categories: Optum Pro Cycling Team Podium Equipe

Diamondback's pro level road bikes hit the farm roads and canyons in and around Oxnard, California beginning February 13 for Optum Pro Cycling's 2014 training camp. The men's and women's teams covered more than 600 miles in the days leading up a special presentation to fans, the public, and media February 22 in Irvine. This highly cohesive group of riders, mechanics, directors, and staff put in the work that will pay dividends during a packed racing season.

Enjoy this exclusive photo gallery documenting the bikes and riders in idyllic California scenes. Images courtesy Casey B. Gibson / Optum Pro Cycling.

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